Wednesday, March 23, 2005

You're In Therapy

Thanks to Google, I was made aware that yesterday was World Water Day.

I started drinking tons 'o water around '83 when I was training to run my first Bay To Breakers. Since then I keep a giant tumbler at my desk and drink water all day. I am rarely sick.

I almost never drink coffee but I do like the occasional Coke and Monsters . By the by the way, I bought the Coke product Full Throttle; horrible bat urine tasting crap.

So have a nice fresh drink of tap water (Penn & Teller had a classic "Bullshit" episode last week about bottled water hype) today cuz most of the world does not have good water.

This lead to my posting to my beloved Q3 clan The Mac House of AssWhip. Then the Benster posted how he was reading about the water situation on the international space station. Which then lead the discussion to the consumption of one’s own urine. The latest media frenzy is, to me, yet another example of our ongoing glacial evolution. What a prudish, retarded, hypocritical lot we are, driven like frightened equestria into the burning barns of our own dark fears. In many places on this round world, urine is consumed. It is bacteria free and clean. Have I drunk mine own? No. Would I? Prolly. The smarter we get the dumber stuff we do.

So, packing water, my son's venerable dinosaur top sheet and nail clippers, I made my way to my Haverhill studio. I had a little more than an hour and a half before I would need to depart for rehearsal for St. Mark's Easter music.

In the door, I opened the windows and unpacked my King 3B+. Performing a good iteration of a Claude Gordon Systematic Approach first part, I put the horn down and donned my Puma racing shoes. I then proceeded to crank on my Slingerland five piece and, really, I am playing well these days. I am almost half way through my residency at the River’s Edge studios and I am getting the results I was looking for. Right on the way home from work, I can pop in and practice horn, bass and drums at maximum volume and most aggressive intent.

At the end of April, when I load out and set up back at home, I must eliminate all impediments to recording a three to five song demo. The time has come.

Now, how about a nice, tall, cool glass of urine and butt sweat!