Thursday, December 30, 2004

lookin' down the barrel of a 44

Welcome to the ‘90’s. My former homemade blog will now rest though I intend to continue to update the links bar as it is my homepage. Having read in Time’s article about blogging (and the “Kenneth what’s the frequency” effect) that men do not blog as much as women and often abandon their sites, I have decided I need to be attentive and utilize this vehicle. Web beard’s as long as mine have seen the medium blossom to close to what many of us envisioned. The information age . . . That’s only if pr0n and spam are your kinda information. Blogation is a form of deference and accountability. To those most concerned about the erosion of individual rights I say, what do you have to hide? If you hunker down and do not communicate and assimilate, there is little chance you can change the world. One must express oneself even if it brings hardship if your real intent is to be part of the solution. What is the problem? That we are stuck on this rock in the middle of nowhere that is beautiful and serene but also volatile as all get-out. The recent tsunami tragedy is not a large enough example that we need to get off the religious wars/who’s-god-can-beat-up-whose-god thing. I am gravely concerned that in some modest home was the one genius 12 year old Iraqi boy, splattered by ordinance delivered by military machinery of the United States, who could have solved the one problem that would onleash heaven on earth. Having stated in 1994, "The most powerful force in the universe is irony", I am still pulling for a medium sized asteroid to come in at an oblique angle and take out a major portion of a westernized nation.

OMG, did I just say that? Yes, yes I did. Look, even if it was my house and family, I am still on the side of minor galactic chaos as a means of slappin’ us upside and waking us up to the necessity of pulling things together towards science and technology and maybe having options besides being frozen, drown, baked, stabbed or squished here on beautiful mother earth, my aboriginal home.

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Rick Fisk said...

The "civilized" tribes assimilated. The Cherokee for instance even institued the practice of slavery and converted to Christianity in order that they might be accepted by the invading Europeans.

If you give a tyrant an inch, he'll take a mile. The phrase "what have you got to hide" is typical of the tyrant. I realize that wasn't the spirit in which you intended the statement but the result is the same.

The Cherokee learned that all of the Christianization, civilization and assimilation had no affect on their freedoms because the invaders had one thing on their mind and that was the land.

The dark people that currently inhabited that land were a nuisance.

Iraq and her people may one day learn that this is a war over the resources that exist there. The American people nor her leaders will openly state this.

What I personally "have to hide" is my dignity and honor. Nobody has the rightful authority to strip me of those things. And as can be demonstrated by historical events, tyrants are interested in control and will not be swayed by those who go along to get along.