Friday, August 21, 2009

Rock Garden, San Jose, CA

Not sure why but my mind wandered back to 560 S. Market Street in San Jose, CA, the Rock Garden rehearsal studio where I spent so many hours in the '80's. The building is still there but it has been condemned. After reading the article, I decided to dig a little deeper and found Ed Havel, a former manager of the building. A very courteous Ed filled me in on some of the history and we spoke of a possible memorial site to attract anecdotes and the community to rediscover this SoFA "cultural" icon.

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Phuckin' Phylean said...

I loved the Rock Gardens! It smelled like pee pee everywhere but it was soooo phucking phun to play and even just hang around the space to check out or make phun of the other bands! Ghost Like Sun was and is awesome. I used to sit outside their studio and just listen to them because they were just that good. Phuckin' Phylean